The benefits of lithium powered forklifts are creating a shift in the material handling industry.

Warehouse operations/fleet managers are moving from old lead-acid battery technology to lithium forklift batteries because they have experienced first-hand the top 5 reason to switch.

Reason #1: Longer Run Times
Longer run times per charge, coupled with the fast charge times, simplifies fleet operations particularly for multi-shift environments.  Hazardous battery swapping procedures and additional storage space are no longer needed.

Reason #2: Fast charging
Lithium forklift batteries charge in as little as one hour, with no need for cool down periods. As a general rule, plug in for opportunity charging if idle for more than 5 minutes. Proper charging ensures steady voltage under loads throughout the entire shift.

Reason #3: Track Battery Health
Built in battery management system and onboard monitor provide operator with accurate state-of-charge current/voltage measurements, and overall battery state of health, protecting against battery abuse. A few batteries, like Revel Industrial batteries also allow you to connect to the cloud to send vital telematics to offsite supervisors and managers.

Reason #4: No Maintenance
Just plug in, recharge and go. No water maintenance like lead acid. No acid spills, no dangerous battery changes. Just more people spending more time doing their job and not dealing with equipment.

Reason #5: Environmentally Friendly
Workers are no longer exposed to dangerous acid or charging fumes from lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries realize 20% savings in power consumption when charging.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of lithium forklift batteries, contact Revel Industrial Batteries to get a full look into how they can impact your operation.