UL Logo

When you see the familiar “UL” logo on a product it’s a symbol that instantly transmits messages of safety, quality, durability and performance, giving users confidence the product will do the job well. That confidence is well-earned through some tough scrutiny.

How tough? UL put Revel lithium batteries through hell–dropping them from more than a yard off the ground, attempting to crush them, spin them, shake them, and more. They all survived. Fact is, most UL Listed lithium batteries are for Class III trucks, or “walkies.” That’s UL Standard 2271, But walkies won’t work for the big jobs. Revel’s 36 hour, 400 volt lithium batteries have been given UL Listing for Class I and II trucks (Counterbalance and Reach) per UL Standard 2580. It all means dependable power to get the big jobs done.

What it all means.

Not all UL marks are the same, and the differences are important distinctions to consider. In fact, when it comes to the lithium batteries used to power forklifts and warehousing equipment, that difference becomes even more vital. But first, an explanation.

The most common UL marks are “UL Listed” and “UL Recognized.” The meaning of these two marks, however, is often misunderstood and misrepresented… but not complicated.

UL “Approved”?
There really is no such thing as UL approved. UL avoids the word, as they believe it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure safety of their products. The UL’s role is as an auditor that makes factory visits, checking samples and documentation, to verify that UL procedures and protocol are being followed.

“UL Certified”
UL prefers the term “Certified”, which means UL has successfully tested a sample product against their specifications. Usage of the term does not imply that UL “approves” of the use of the product or component in all potential applications, simply that it meets the UL specifications. Bottom line is it’s on the manufacturer to design safety into the product, then prove it, rather than expect the UL to test it and allow its safety mark to be used.

“UL Listed”
This means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized Safety Standards and has been found to be free from reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock and related hazard. “Listed” refers only to stand-alone products with a specific function. Products are tested against UL standards for safety for a specific category of equipment.

“UL Recognition”
The UL Recognized Component Mark means the product has been tested as a component used in the end product.

Revel Industrial batteries only use UL recognized components within the battery.

Providing the safest and most capable lithium battery power to energize your equipment so it performs effectively and efficiently is what Revel is all about. The UL Listing our batteries have earned just adds another layer of confidence that our lithium batteries are absolutely safe workhorses. 

If you’re thinking about updating your battery power sources or investing in new equipment and looking to power it, we would be happy to discuss which Revel lithium battery options would work best for you and your business.

Contact us to get a full look into how they can impact your operation.